How To Fix Excel Formulas Cannot Automatically Update Data Issue

In the complex Excel spreadsheet data calculation process, formulas are undoubtedly a good way to improve efficiency, but sometimes we will find that the formulas in the Excel spreadsheet cannot automatically update the data. What is the cause, and how to solve it?

1. Configure Formula Calculation To Automatic.

  1. Configure Excel formula calculation to the Manual state is one of the most common reasons why formulas cannot be calculated automatically. Therefore, it is also the first check procedure that we need to perform when checking the “invalidity” of Excel formulas..
  2. To fix this issue, you can start Excel, click the “Formulas” tab, and then click the “Calculation Options” button, in the drop-down menu, set the calculation option to “Automatic“.
  3. Under normal circumstances, the default calculation option for Excel spreadsheets is Automatic, but this setting can be changed by Macros or other previously opened Excel workbooks in some cases. Therefore, if we do not know this setting, and the macro or other workbooks automatically change this setting, it will cause the problem that the cell containing the formula cannot automatically update the data.

2. The Format Of The Cell Is “text” Caused.

  1. Accidentally formatting cells (including formulas) as “text” may be another cause of this problem. We know that if it is a text format, the cell will not be calculated according to the expected formula setting.
  2. Click the cell and check the Number group of the Home tab. If it shows Text in the Number group drop-down list, use the drop-down menu to change it to General.
  3. Now, by double-clicking the cell and pressing enter, recalculate the formula in the cell

3. The “Show Formulas” Button Is Turned On Causing This Error.

  1. If the “Show Formulas” button on the “Formulas” tab is enabled, the formula will not work.
  2. This situation may be caused by an accidental operation by the user or someone who used this workbook before.
  3. This button is mainly used to review formulas, so it displays the formula instead of the final result.
  4. However, this tab is very useful when solving formula errors.
  5. To solve this problem, just click the “Show Formulas” button to turn it off.

4. Caused By The Space Entered Before The Equal Sign.

  1. The last reason may be that when typing a formula if you accidentally enter a space before the “=”, the formula will not be calculated.
  2. Since the visual difference is very small, this error is difficult to notice and often cannot be recognized.
  3. By double-clicking the cell, select the area before the “=” in the formula, check if there is a space and select it, if there is, delete it, and the formula will be updated afterward.

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