How To Center The Decimal Point In Excel

1. The Skill Of Centering The Decimal Point In Excel.

  1. First, open an Excel file, we can see all the data in column D, the numbers are automatically centered, and the decimal point is not centered.
  2. Select all the number cells, click the right mouse button to pop up a menu, and click the Format Cells… or Set Cell Format menu item to open the Format Cells dialog box.
  3. Click the NumberĀ tab in the format cells dialog box, then click the Custom item in the Category list, and input ‘??????.??????’ in the Type input textbox.
  4. Click the OK button to save the changes.
  5. Now you can find all the existing numbers are center-aligned by the decimal point.
  6. When you input a new decimal number, it will also be aligned with all the existing numbers by the decimal point.

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